That Happened Fast!


It sure did. We decided to buy a house and build. Our plans went from 3-5 years (in the making for a couple) to NOW.

After looking around town for neighborhoods that suited our tastes (vintage ranch style homes with big yards) became hard to find in our price range, we changed gears. We thought about houses to remodel or that were already remodeled in our style. Then there was the day my husband said something about new homes. The funny thing was, we have never cared for new homes ever! Somehow though, the thought of starting new and not having to fix up anything, was a joyful relief.

Once we looked around, it was over. It was done in my head as to what I wanted. Hubby and I struggled a bit with agreeing on what to do, but in the end, we found our home. A brand spankin’ new house, built in 6-7 months time.

The crazy part now is finding the time and energy in between life’s events and work, to pack/declutter, fix up our current home,  and keeping it spotless for the realtor team. Let’s also throw in the costly task of replacing our AC system this week, before our house goes on the market. Nice timing.

Part of the craziness ensuing is me purging Rare Bird inventory. I do not want to pack it up and I don’t want it stored either until the new house is ready. So in the mean time, I have asked my customers to name a price and make an offer. This means deep discounts! I have had folks set up appointments to meet me at my home office or to check out my Instagram shop. By the way, free shipping ends in the Etsy shop Monday, 7/14. I have already sold a lot of stuff, but there’s still more! Pretty soon, Rare Bird will take a hiatus, so get your vintage while you can!

To wrap this up with a bow, I am taking a breather to write this and update you on what’s going on… We will be working on packing and fixing up a few more items around the house this weekend. I will try my best to post more and keep you abreast of anything else.

Best wishes,

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Happy Dance

Yep, that’s me… dancing a jig in my head. I am excited to say that this week I have reached over 500 Likes on my Facebook Fan Page. I couldn’t have done it without the support of my family, friends, and Rare Bird fans. With the mental celebration, I thought I should share the love by giving you all a reward. Everyone likes discounts and coupons, right? How about this:


It’s just a little something for my current (and hopefully future) customers of my Etsy shop, Rare Bird Boutique. This coupon lasts until Sunday, April 8th, 10 pm CST. You’ve got some time to peruse the store and see if there’s something your heart desires.

Also, I am hoping to add these fantastic vintage arts & crafts books I scored, from the 1950s-60s, this week. They have tons of colorful instructional pages on the best kitschy crafts I have ever seen. So keep a look out for new listings!

Have a great day and thank you all again,

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