Who’s That Lady?

After just scheduling some strategic tweets about my current giveaway, I realized I need to schedule some blog posts too. Can’t be blogging a couple of times a week, when I have time… BORING! But, while I have you and your attention, I think I am going to introduce myself, aka blogger/seller/human.

See that profile pic off to the side? Yep, that’s me, Melanie. You know I love design/art/decorating/animals/vintage, just as it says. To be more precise, I will go into detail:




ART. Art has been a big part of my life. I took it throughout middle school and was in AP Art in high school. Continuing on into college, I graduated with my BFA in Art from the University of Texas at Arlington. I enjoy painting and collage as creative outlets, but really can’t seem to get invested in doing them anymore. I took a painting class at the AMOA Laguna Gloria last Spring and fell right back in love. It’s still there… when I find inspiration and time.




DESIGN. My last year in college though, I decided to focus on graphic design. I dabble in a little bit of it now with my job creating the company weekly sales newsletters, but I’m no logo/branding creating genius. I just admire all of that from afar like packaging/illustration/typography.




DECORATING. Geez, obsessed much? Just look at my Pinterest board. My style in a nutshell: Modern Eclectic (modern mixed with antiques/vintage). Decorating has been in my blood since I was a kid though. My room was always pristine and decorated. I collected Barbie’s, but I also asked for and bought decor & furniture for my room. Embarrassingly enough, in high school, I even had a sign on my bed to not sit on it. Everything was in it’s perfectly staged place. Who I was trying to impress, I don’t know, but it sure makes me laugh today. Creating your happy place is serious business, folks!




ANIMALS. Where do I begin? This is my weakness; they are my heart. I go right into “baby” voice mode when I am around pets and other animals, even on screen like Pinterest. My friends laugh at me as I gravitate towards someone’s dog on the street or talk to the cows as I drive by… I am a sucker. But with this love comes sensitivity. I get absolutely destroyed hearing about animal abuse or seeing shelter dogs. I freak out when I see a dog on the loose. Can’t tell you how many times my husband and I have stopped to help out a lost or dumped dog. I even stop the car and move turtles out of the road. I could go on and on. I bleed (and brake) for animals.




VINTAGE. This all started in college just by perusing the antique stores in Grapevine, TX. I started collecting some odd pieces for the apartment, mixing it into the decor, and it became an instant hit with friends. In 2007, I decided to open my own Etsy shop to sell my handmade and vintage wares. And over the past couple of years, I started to “rescue” vintage by thrifting and going to estate sales for inventory. I love vintage Pyrex and other glass bakeware, children’s books, barware, furniture, kitschy ceramic planters… But all of this shows because I sell what I love.

Hope that helps a little more, getting to know who is behind the “Hand on Hip” blog and Rare Bird Boutique Etsy/Instagram shops.

More to come!

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Kitchen Help and Fun Finds Websites

As I was cleaning the kitchen counters today, I realized that my canisters are boring, old, and worn out.  Later on, as I was making some breakfast, I realized that my toaster was also boring, old, and worn out.  Funny, how it finally dawned on me that I could do a little revamping in the kitchen if I wanted to!  So I checked on Target’s website and found this set of canisters:


Square 4-pc. Canister Set - White

Square 4-pc. Canister Set - White

Not sure I dig the chrome, but if I could just get some help on finding some really cool, modern canisters.  Preferably white, but if not, red or black would work too.  I also found this toaster, but again with the stainless steel/metal business?!  I would like something different and sleek like this one:


Oster 2-Slice Toaster – Stainless Steel

Oster 2-Slice Toaster – Stainless Steel

So if anyone wants to leave any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated!  In the mean time, I wanted to share with you two “Fun Finds” websites I found out about while reading this month’s Real Simple magazine.  Check out:

1. The Frenchy Bee
For one, they have different flavored fondues in microwavable ready-to-serve pottery crocks. So cute and delicious sounding!!!


2. Think Geek
Look at some of the silly stuff they have for instance, the red Swingline stapler Milton made famous in the movie Office Space.


Let’s Catch Up!

In February, Hand On Hip got some love on the Internet!  Thanks to Ink Obsession Designs and All Things Austin Design for blogging about my lil’ ol’ blog. It really means so much to me and I hope one day, that I will have a lot more to talk about for you all! Come one and come all – I love comments and free love (press)!



I would also like to brag about the table Jon found and bought at Goodwill or as one of my coworkers calls it, GW Boutique! Last weekend, Jon decided to peruse a local Goodwill for a sidetable.  Low and behold, he found a table in need of some TLC.  The legs were gold and the wood was an orange-tan color; this table screamed the 70’s!  He picked it up for a cool $13 bucks and loaded it up in the Jeep, homebound!

Jon turned the look of the table around by stripping the finish, sanding and staining it  an Ebony color, and sealing it with clear lacquer.  Then he painted the legs of the table black and WAH-LAH!  A brand new cool retro side table!

Looks great honey!

Looks great honey!

Check out the checkerboard pattern...

Check out the checkerboard pattern...

What have you found at a thrift store/garage sale and restored or refinished?  Maybe this blog will inspire you to find a diamond in the rough and do a little fixing up… tell me all about it!

By the way – After I saw this red metal “EAT” sign on one of my favorite design blogs, I decided to find it and buy it online at Sundance Catalog. It is now proudly displayed above the back door in the kitchen. I just love it!

Keep Calm And Carry On

Lately, I have been clicking away on the Internet looking for interesting design/decorating ideas and one particularly item struck me. Apparently, “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters are very popular right now! I especially like them because they are reproduction vintage British WWII posters and sfgirlbybay on etsy.com prints them in an array of colors for $25! I decided to buy the Chocolate Brown one:


sfgirlbybay suggests that you go to IKEA to buy the 19.75″ x 27.5″ Ribba frame because 1) the posters are an odd size, measuring 16 X 23″ and 2) IKEA frames are inexpensive and this one specifically, will fit. The other suggestion I got from sfgirlbybay is to get the mat, included with the frame, professionally cut so that it doesn’t overlap the top of the crown and wording at the bottom. I think I am going to do that!

Take a look at the following pictures to see how wonderful these colorful posters are in a modern setting:






Now, all I have to do is stop by IKEA this week to buy a white Ribba frame. Then I can proudly display my poster with it’s important, yet simple message: “Keep Calm And Carry On”. Ahhh, that would be perfect on the wall next to my side of the bed. It’ll be something to think about as I drift off to sleep every night…

What’s Your Personal Decorating Style?

Go to Sproost to find out your personal decorating style and then figure out what furniture & accessories to buy according to the quiz results!  It is really simple and fast…  All you have to do is go through some pictures of rooms and click on whether you Hate it, Like it, Love it, etc.  Then *poof!*,  the website will let you know what your decorating style is based on what you like the most.

I found out about the quiz thanks to the This Young House blog I love to read so much! Sproost determined my style(s), spot on! Here are my results:


Vintage Modern & French Eclectic are perfect  for me – Wow!  This will help me get ideas to redecorate the house.  It’s your turn, take the quiz… what’s your style?

*This also explains what I have already done with the house 🙂

Decorating Magazine Suggestions


Apparently one of the best decorating magazines around will no longer be published as of March: Domino Magazine.  I have heard so much about this magazine and now I will not even have a chance to read it!  I am so bummed out…  but I am going to search for other decorating magazines that might be comparable to Domino. Even though I have never even read a copy of Domino, I can do some research to figure out what to look for or just make suggestions of magazines that feature decorating.

Here are some magazines to choose from:

1. House Beautiful
2. Better Homes and Gardens (I had a subscription…)
3. Martha Stewart Living
4. Country Living (I had a subscription too; I am leaning towards modern mixed with antiques now)
5. Traditional Home

Man, this is tough! With some popular decorating magazines already out of print, it sure doesn’t leave much to choose from. I am already familiar with 2 of the choices on the list, but Traditional Home looks to be the next best choice for me.  From the looks of it, the magazine features modern mixed with antiques, traditional meshed with contemporary, high-end molded with quirky… you get it!

There you have it, I think I have something new to read, but do you?  Where do we go from here without Domino?  If you have any other suggestions, please let me (us) know…  I am anxious to hear about other options!


6. Real Simple (How could I forget this one?)