I Wanna Go Back

With it being summertime, people are planning their highly desired vacations. Mine has already been planned for the West Coast in July, Oregon that it is, since my dear friend is getting married. Hubby and I decided to throw on a couple of days pre-festivities to putz around Portland. But always in the back of my mind, I hope for a chance to arise of going back to Hawaii someday.

I’ve been there three times: once as our first big couple’s vaca (Oahu 2008), then to get engaged unbeknownst to me (Maui 2009), and lastly to get married (Kauai 2010). We have traveled to other big cities, states and even Saint Lucia, but Hawaii has my heart and always will. I don’t know if it’s the people, the laid back feeling, the open sky and vast beautiful ocean, constant sunshine and perfect temps, yummy food & more, but I do know with all of that wrapped into one, I feel at peace. I totally understand how it had a profound effect on artist Basquiat before his untimely death.


Had just arrived in Oahu…

One island I definitely fell in-love with in particular, and it’s the busiest of them all, is Oahu. I hear people complain about it, but I love it. Maybe it’s just the nostalgia of where my then boyfriend, now hubby had our first tropical trip. I do know that I revel in the kitschy, bustling part of the island of Waikiki. I wish it was still like it’s heyday of the 50s-70s with tiki bars, retro hotels and such. There are only a few of those accommodations left and I hope to stay in one next time we go. Please be soon!

So lately, as I was saying before with it being summertime, I have been a pinning madwoman, reflecting on these polynesian memories. There are so many great finds on Pinterest! You will have to check out my board “Aloha Love” to see some of my fave Hawaiian establishments, future places to check out, vintage pics & more. Here are just a few of the great throw-back pics I found:





So maybe just maybe, I will be back in the near future. We’d stay at The Breakers or the Waikiki Circle Beach Hotel… Eat my fave Hawaiian plate lunch, shrimp from a food truck, and shaved ice… Work up the courage to actually surf this time… I could go on and on.

Until then, I’ll just “pin”, plan and daydream.

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