Sharing The Love: Remnants

This past weekend, I volunteered to be a part of the Austin Craft Riot’s “Clothing & Craft Supply Swap”. We held the event at Remnants: fiber[culture], over on Burnet Road in Austin. Not on the side of Burnet you would think, with the vintage shops and yummy places to eat. No, it’s on the other side of Burnet, where I used to work actually, near the warehouses and office complexes.

Why am I describing it like this off the bat? Because I am letting you in on a little secret… Remnants is a hidden gem for all of you mod sewers & quilters. The owner, Jessica Sloan, who I had the pleasure to meet on Sunday, is a great person! And that exudes throughout her whole store. Even in this blog post (and the comment section), that I read before the in-person introduction, describes Jessica in this light.

I am no seamstress by any means, but the atmosphere of this store is definitely inspiring. During the event, I was taught how to make a bag out of a t-shirt and used a sewing machine to do so. Talk about anxiety! But nonetheless, my fellow ACR team member Darlene of Acclaim to Frame, walked me through the process and talked me down from the ledge so to speak. It was really fun and I now have a cute handmade tote bag to show off. I’ll still stick to the occasional embroidery kit. 

Back to Remnants… the inside of the store is bright, colorful, vintage & contemporary. Gorgeous quilts and artwork deck the walls. Big comfy chairs, upholstered in colorful retro fabric, invite you to sit and stay a while. Then there’s the brilliant wall of stylish fabric bolts for sale. It’s definitely a room full of eye candy.

Jessica in her shop, Remnants. Image from

Jessica in her shop, Remnants. Image from

Are you ready to go now? I sure hope so! Stop by the store, check out a workshop, or visit online. Say “hello” to Jessica for me!

Here’s to SHaRinG the LOvE,

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