Inspired: The Things I Love, Part III

The last time I wrote “Inspired: The Things I Love” was in 2009. A lot can happen in almost four years! You can add new things to the list, make changes, or even repeat your faves. Since giving my blog a little makeover love, I have gone back and reread some of my posts. This one struck a chord again and got me thinking…

Here’s to listing out my favorite things once more! Maybe you’ll be inspired to make a list.

  • Chobani Greek Yogurt Bites, Flips, and Champions
  • Marfa, Texas
  • short hairstyles
  • colored jeans
  • chunky necklaces


  • “New Girl” tv show
  • “The League” tv show
  • “Freaks and Geeks” tv show
  • painting class
  • vintage children’s books
  • gold jewelry/accessories
  • weightlifting
  • Ranch-style houses
  • my book club
  • my blessings jar
  • hot baths with Epsom salt
  • brunch
  • unique party decorations
  • Nutella
  • peanut butter
  • protein shakes
  • colorful and/or wide-mouth straws
  • vintage barware
  • giving/making gifts
  • cleaning tips
  • watercolor paintings
  • Mark Duplass


  • Mid-Century Modern
  • animal lovers
  • Instagram
  • The Austin Flea
  • design books
  • cheetah print
  • when my dog Maggie wears her Thundershirt
  • chevron pattern
  • learning French, one day
  • High Tea at the Four Seasons
  • cooking new dinner recipes
  • pretty tea towels
  • containers
  • the color gray
  • Banana Republic
  • Chris O’Dowd
  • strong perfume (like Marc Jacobs’s “Lola”)
  • succulents
  • fiber mascara
  • a clean house
  • Etsy orders
  • feel-good chats
  • Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • handwritten letters/cards
  • sense of belonging
  • my G-love workout gloves


  • making Etsy treasuries
  • extra dirty vodka Martinis
  • stuffed green olives
  • fancy cheese
  • the leather fragrance inside my car after a wash
  • taking care of my household/my sabbatical
  • celebrating birthdays
  • genealogy
  • how my dog Asa’s feet smell like Fritos
  • my hubby’s tan skin
  • my hubby’s muscular arms
  • my hubby’s eyes
  • bow-ties & vests
  • Alamo Drafthouse Singalongs
  • baking
  • British comedies (The IT Crowd & The Mighty Boosh)
  • couples vacations
  • best friend weekend trips
  • baby goats
  • funny/vintage childhood pictures


  • a good salad
  • discovering new Austin things to-do
  • slumber parties
  • photo booths
  • being there for my friends
  • my iPhone
  • my Grandpa’s voice (I miss talking to him)
  • mod home decor
  • Spice Village in Waco, Texas
  • good sushi
  • seafood
  • Mexican folk art
  • getting a fresh cut/color
  • mustaches on a stick
  • IKEA candles, $1 cinnamon rolls, & Lingonberry juice
  • weekend getaways with my honey
  • Lockhart, Texas BBQ
  • Texas Antiques Week

JG Happy Texas

  • groomed eyebrows
  • cuddling with my pups
  • scheduled gal pal phone dates
  • color blocking
  • being a member of the Austin Craft Riot
  • integrity
  • my silver sneakers
  • family bonding
  • wine tastings

And that’s a 100 for ya! I have to stop, but I am sure more will come to mind.

Until next time,

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