Summer Break Faves

Since April, my blog has been on the back burner, hence my new title on Twitter: “occasional blogger”. The heat of Texas is miserable and writing (amongst other creative hobbies) has slowly fallen off due to my lack of motivation. I think it all sweated outta me!

None the less, my Etsy shop is still up and running at Rare Bird Boutique and new vintage items & wedding signs have made their debut. Stop by, especially if you are a creative bride-to-be interested in DIY, vintage, or indie-type weddings.

Even though I am an Etsy seller, I am also a handmade lover/buyer. Months have passed by and you have had no blog content from me. How about some of my favorite items I have been hoarding away lately? Heck, if I am too slow to make a purchase, then someone else can enjoy them. Until next time, have a seat, sip on your cool glass of lemonade, and scroll down at some fabulous Etsy wares. Why not? It’s just for fun…


Toy Car, Silver Basket, & Pearl Tie Necklace

Beaded Purse, Tiki Glass Set, & Polka Dot Straws


One thought on “Summer Break Faves

  1. I love that color green ( on the toy car and tye)! It is in my kitchen. I’ve learned to love it I guess! Reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

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