While You’re Here…

Since you decided to stop by my blog whether you just stumbled across it or were directed here from my Twitter page, you might have figured out that I like to write about design, decorating, and weddings. If you didn’t already know it either, I have a boutique on Etsy called Rare Bird Boutique, “a vintage wedding accessory shop”. So while you’re here, you can also use my blog as a guide to other useful and creative wedding blogs. *Hint, hint: After clicking on the following links, you can proceed to my Etsy shop to buy wonderful vintage items for your wedding. Teehee!

Do you see the right side bar where I have what I call “Melanie’s Blog Club”? Well if you do, great! This was labeled like so as if it was Oprah’s Book Club. These are my favorite links to design and wedding blogs. Some are just plain fun and informative for instance, did you know Jason Mraz’ fiance Tristan Prettyman is a musician, surfer, yogi, and blogger? Check out her blog called:

Another fave of mine is a blog written by the stylish Kelley Lilien, who is also a prop stylist & graphic designer. Once you enter her blog, you are transformed to another time and place where cocktail hour is NOW and you best be dressed to impress. Her lovely blog posts are a joy to read; rhyming all the way through, her trademark green spade dotted here and there, with yummy eye candy to boot. Check her out by the superb moniker: Mrs Lilien. I so wanted to use her logo, but was afraid I’d make her mad. I adore her and choose to stay on the happy side of things.

Here are some other fabulous fun finds I just discovered myself this week and added to the Blog Club:

Now for the wedding business! Seriously ladies, don’t go with the same ol’ cookie cutter wedding where it’s Prom 1985. Gag me with a spoon! Flex your brain and pump out those suppressed ideas you’ve had in the back of your mind. Go on, don’t be afraid. Now is the time to showcase what you’ve got baby. And what better way to nurture your creativity than by visiting some of these wedding blogs to get the ball rolling:

There are plenty more where that came from, so be sure to check out “Melanie’s Blog Club” to the right for out of this world websites for your design, decorating, and wedding needs.


Don’t forget, Japan still needs our help. The lovely folks over at Ever Ours & Utterly Engaged created:

So far, as of March 31st, For Japan With Love™ has raised a total amount of $66,733! Don’t give up on Japan and send your love and donations by clicking the badge above. Thank you kindly.


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