Little by little, things have been happening around here! Could it be a sudden shift in motivation due to my in-law’s future visit? Or could it be that Spring has Sprung and it’s just time to get things taken care thanks to the lovely weather change? Whatever it may be, we are definitely in full swing over doing this or that.

A week or so ago, I tweeted a picture of my daybed after it had arrived:

Hubby put it together and I finished it off by placing “Owly” on it’s cylinder pillow. *Follow me on Twitter @RareBirdMelanie


I have also taken care of #72 on my 2011 To-Do List:

I finally framed our engagement/wedding photos! Actually I had to order them from Shutterfly, play with the pictures on the table to see how I wanted to arrange them, take a picture to save my favorite arrangement, go to Michael’s and use my coupon and participate in their “Buy 1, Get 1 Free” sale, and then place the photos in frames & politely ask hubby to help me hang them on the wall.

This is above our couch and I tucked these away under the ledge that had other B&W pics already on display. It’s pretty busy, but that is that on the wall.


I also framed my college degree in my new office:

That only took 7 plus years! Oh well, it’s finally done and I am happy to see it up on the wall and out of it’s folder. I plan on adding a little memento or frame below it and I purchased a decorative nail cover in baby pink for my calendar.

I hate that it’s just hanging on a nail, sticking out of the wall. I found these adorable knob-like nail covers from Hang-ups by Teri. It was only $2.99 and I got to pick the size, color & finish. These are meant for nurseries and kid’s rooms, but I like the idea and think it will definitely work!


The backyard was pretty much done yesterday! I also took care of #46 on my 2011 To-Do List. We went to Lowe’s and bought succulents to plant in my lovely new Anthropologie pots, 2 new trees for the front yard, and some other miscellaneous plants for landscaping and the hanging baskets. I took my 2 battered and faded hanging baskets and spray painted them black. Now they pop against the pretty green leafy Geranium plants.

Hubby finished adding the crushed granite between the limestone rocks in our pathway. He planted the trees while I did all the gardening, weeding, and pruning. I wish I had some pics for you all, but I think I am going to wait since we have yet to spray paint our latest Craigslist purchased patio set. As of now, it looks quite spiffy and I can’t wait for the finale. Stay tuned for pictures.


On a final note, Jon and I went to the Central Market on Lamar (ATX) last night for “Music on the Menu” with Michael Fracasso. Michael is known as Austin’s Renaissance Man. He is a musician and personal chef. I bought tickets as a Valentine’s present for Jon to go to this demonstration class. Check out Central Market’s Cooking School for classes and demonstrations in your area.

The menu consisted of: 1. Frisse Salad with Carmelized Red Onions, Pancetta, Gorgonzola in a Raspberry Vinaigrette 2. Lamp Chops with Middle Eastern Spices 3. Asparagus Risotto  and 4. Fig & Goat Cheese Crepes.

It was to-die for… The salad and crepes were my favorite! I love risotto too! We were served water, Hibiscus Tea with Mint, and 2 glasses of wine. Michael cooked and demonstrated some of his recipes and in between cooking and preparing the meals, he took out his guitar and sang songs from his albums. I highly recommend going to one of these classes. You get the recipes, ask questions, sit, dine, and listen to music.

I definitely want to go with some friends! Hint, hint…


3 thoughts on “Happenings

  1. More pics! More pics! It’s like teasing people to talk about your perdy yard and not show them…maybe a quick B&A with the patio set. And I can’t wait to see the landscape!

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