The Proof Is In The Pictures

I wasn’t lying when I said I was transforming my 2nd bedroom into an office/guest room. It’s just taken some time and trial & error on my part. First, when I ordered the PB Teen Twisted Sheers in White, I didn’t order the right length and then the second time, I realized I needed one more sheer on the bigger window. DOH! So I have been waiting for orders to come in and to my surprise, my husband bought me the Lubi Daybed from CB2 in Graphite for my birthday. It should arrive next week! I also have some new artwork to frame and I want to showcase it all in an unusual way above the Expedit shelving and possibly my desk.

Jon went with me to IKEA and we picked out cost-friendly Skuggig Curtain Rod Sets in black and cut them down to size with IKEA’s Miter Box and Saw Kit! Now we need to figure out if we are going with photo ledges or if we are going to build something ourselves to display my posters and artwork. Here’s a hint, I want to use vintage pant hangers… A rug and other details will be in place soon so be patient. Wait, that’s what I need to do! Okay, are you ready now for the unveiling?

Drumroll, please! I am excited to finally give you a sneak peek at what I have been working on so far. It’s pretty much a blank canvas, but that’s the fun in figuring out how to arrange and decorate a room. Take a looksy for yourself and tell me what you think:

The sun was beaming through the blinds, so my apologies for the hint of orange in the photos. At least you know that I will get a lot of light in that room when I’m writing, creating, or working on Rare Bird Boutique.

I will up update you as soon as the daybed is installed and maybe when I have something up on the walls. Until then, I hope to hear from you with some feedback.



3 thoughts on “The Proof Is In The Pictures

  1. Looks like you’ve got a great start and an even better birthday present! Go jon. I think you and I need to plan some trips so we can both accessories our offices. Looking forward to more pics!

  2. It looks great, Mel! Wonder what I’d have to do to get you up here to help me decorate and stylize my house?? 😉 I love your creativity, it will look wonderful when it is done – it already looks fantastic!

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