Office In The Making

Yeah for decorating!

Moving along already, I painted the corner wall in the office. Inspired by a memo board and a lil’ bird pin I have, I chose Valspar’s “Lily Creek” from their Seaside Retreat series. I am not interested in a beach theme by any means, but these colors are really fun! Unfortunately the wall looks brighter than this, but oh well. Maybe something didn’t mix right at Lowe’s? I also chose a semi-gloss when I should have gone matte, but again… oh well.

I also wanted a light pink to balance out the electrifying blue, so I am using “Strawberry Float” as a guide to buy for accessories as well. Trust me, when Jon walked in the office for the first time since I had painted, it startled him as soon as he turned on the light!

Last weekend, we purchased the IKEA Expedit shelving in white and moved my desk in there. The office is getting set up and now it’s time to start decorating and search for a daybed/sleeper sofa. Keeping up with all of my faves, I have decided to create an office pinboard:

CB2: lubi graphite daybed

west elm: hive vases

PBTeen: twisted curtain, white

Z Gallerie: deer head, small

decoYellow on Etsy: chevron stripe pillow cover, gray

decoYellow from Etsy: chevron stripe pillow cover, gray

The PBTeen curtains have been ordered and as for the daybed, we are still searching. My hubby and I are trying to get on the same page about what to get, so I am not sure the CB2 daybed is in our future. I sure do love it though!

I am also looking for a round light pink area rug, more pillows and accessories, curtain rods, and more. If you have any ideas and would like to contribute, please leave a comment. Inspiration is always welcomed! Stay tuned for photos of the room as it slowly comes together.


2 thoughts on “Office In The Making

  1. I love that pink color! LOVE! And it will look beautiful with the grey and white accents. Just a touch of femininity for Miss Mel. Pal, we need to head to Home Goods, Maxx and Ross for some accessories, and of course PB Outlet!

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