Well, Hello There 2011

I feel like I just wrote this post the other day.

Has a year really gone by?

So I was starting my journey last year around this time. Reflecting back on it, I took it for granted. I read through my books too fast, ran one 5K, and after class was over in May, my writing came to a screeching halt.

Since I am easing my way into our “office in the making”, I am thinking that some of my forgotten hobbies will get picked back up. At this very moment, I am already sitting at my desk, blogging!

I ended 2010 on a sour note and I plan on starting 2011 on a sweeter one. Walking around the house today, I noticed certain things that I had passed by before without a second look. It made me think and come to where I am now. Things need to change, things will change and there are things that are in the process of…

I decided to make a list and hopefully, I will come back to visit so it will not be forgotten. This is my jumping off point. Take note:

1. Ride my bike

2. Vacuum more

3. Hire someone to vacuum more (occasional help)

4. Get organized

5. Focus on my shop

6. Write poetry

7. Blog more often

8. Minimize around the house

9. Have people over more

10. Use my cookbooks

11. Take the dogs on better walks

12. Buy clothes that mix and match

13. Worry less about what others think

14. Be confident

15. Spend more time outside

16. Do yoga

17. Run

18. Take my vitamins!

19. Go on picnics with husband

20. Paint my nails

21. Paint the inside of the closets

22. Make collages

23. Wear red lipstick

24. Grow my hair out

25. Keep in better touch with my friends

26. Manage my emotions

27. Write in my journal

28. Give my car a bath

29. Pray

30. Go junking/picking

31. Paddlesurf

32. Take a Texas roadtrip

33. Have a girls only weekend (several)

34. Accept certain things the way they are

35. Achieve my goals

36. Go to art museums

37. Have a great birthday!

38. Keep giving to Goodwill

39. Go blonde (or close to it)

40. Get office squared away

41. Work to earn money

42. Stop saying “sorry” all the damn time

43. Stop opening the door to wounded feelings

44. Be patient

45. Save some cash

46. Dig up old plants and start new landscaping

47. Mind my own business

48. Balance my checkbook

49. Change my name on documents

50. Nail down my new signature

51. Think a little more about that tattoo

52. Stop knocking myself down

53. Have a drink at home once in a while

54. Eat cleaner (not detergent!)

55. Wear the lingerie tucked away in the drawer

56. Cherish those near and dear to me

57. Celebrate anything important

58. Stop making excuses

59. Send letters/cards

60. Have romantic dinners at home

61. Ease up on voicing negative thoughts

62. Ditch the need to feel wanted/liked

63. Be who I want to be (Thanks Ghandi)

64. List something in my shop at least 5 times a week

65. Let people live their lives

66. Listen more

67. Continue education/learning

68. Be a leader

69. Volunteer on some community projects

70. Take things one step at a time

71. Visit family & friends I haven’t seen in a long time

72. Frame wedding photos

73. Drive slower

74. Remember what’s important

75. Watch my Netflix movies as soon as they come in

76. Take better care of my skin

77. Do more home improvement projects

78. Take pictures with my Holga

79. Buy 120 film

80. Dance

81. Take a Hip/Hop dance class

82. Laugh

83. Read

84. Need/Want less

85. Put my anger to bed

86. Be proud

87. Move on

88. Bring home flowers

89. Give

90. Be mindful of my drinking

91. Eat more soup

92. Be thankful

93. Embrace who you are, where you are, & what you have

94. Buy handmade

95. Listen to good music

96. Don’t read into anything

97. Sleep better and get up earlier

98. Go on dates with hubby

99. Play with the dogs more

100. Be a good wife

*And for the NEW YEAR, I hope to hear more from the readers. Please comment, let me know you’re there. You are the fuel to this fire. Let’s burn together!


3 thoughts on “Well, Hello There 2011

  1. I don’t know that you’ll have time for #97 if you do all the others! Your heart is in the right place, and you deserve to treat yourself well. That includes allowing yourself some relaxation time!

  2. Great list! Regarding #72, that was something on my yearly to-do lists FOREVER after we got married haha. I got some framed in ‘ok’ frames but never had enlargements made or put in nice frames. Then I just gave up after awhile. Now I have to work on adding more baby pictures. Good luck w/ your list; we are a lot alike! 🙂

  3. #54 made me crack up! But you are on the right track Melly. One thing at a time. Savor but don’t obsess; be humble enough to be proud of who you are; and know that you have friends – far and close- who love you and think the world of you, no matter how many of these you do or don’t knock of the list. 🙂

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