Think Pink… And Yellow!

My friend “E” and her mom, a recent breast cancer survivor from Oregon, gathered up a group of our friends to walk the 2010 Austin Race for the Cure on Sunday, November 7th. Our team “E&L Expresso” donned homemade tie-dyed yellow t-shirts, some even bedazzled with pink sequins! We all met up at The Domain, and got going a little after 8:00 am for the rolling start. The weather was crisp and cool and the sun was beaming down on us all. Absolutely perfect!

Walking amongst all of those wonderful people made me feel emotional and on the brink of tears though. It was awe inspiring and overwhelming at the same time. There were team shirts with images of passed loved ones, people with signs on their backs honoring and celebrating those affected by breast cancer, and of course, women that were survivors or currently going through treatment.

It made me thankful that I have friends and family members still on this earth that have been affected by the ugly “C” word. It also made me sad and think about my aunt and friend Ivan, whom has since recently passed from cancer. But amongst this powerful crowd, hugs were given away at a moment’s notice and comfort was restored. There were smiles, laughs, and encouraging cheers heard and seen throughout the day as well. We were all there for one thing and that was to support breast cancer awareness and those affected by the disease.

I somehow missed out on creating signs, but I will make a list now. I walked in celebration of Amy, “L”, LaVonne, and Christine. Most importantly, I walked in honor of my Aunt Sharon whom my family lost in August 2004 from bone cancer that had spread from breast cancer.

It took nothing for me to walk the 3 miles and I did the best I could to raise money for such an important charity. I just wish I could do more. If it weren’t for Lavonne, Lela, Kelsey, Karen & Gary, Hannah & Amy, I would not have achieved 57% of my goal!

There’s still time if you would like to contribute. Please click here to make a tax-deductible donation online via my personal page.

I also wanted to thank my wonderful friends & teammates “T” & her daughter, “E” & her mom “L”, Lindsay, and Bre. It was a great time to be with my gal pals, walking and sharing that special time together. It was also awesome to walk with a breast cancer survivor – one that is funny, kind, strong, and vivacious! We all had a blast watching her have fun along the walk, posing for pictures and partaking in all of the booths. Austin RFTC spoiled us with pink custard, ice cream bars, yogurt, granola bars, water & tea, shopping bags and more fabulous freebies. We all left the event happy, hungry, and tired. But most of all, fulfilled. I hope my pal’s mom enjoyed the race and the rest of her stay in Austin. She deserves it!

Way to go “E&L Expresso”! XOXO


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