The “Spirit” of Halloween

Yesterday, my husband and I decided to take a break from our “To-Do” lists and went exploring instead. Jon and I love to take Sunday drives, discover surrounding Texas towns, and learn a little history all the while. So in the “spirit” of Halloween, we trekked up Highway 95 to Granger and Bartlett for a spooky adventure.

First on our creepy jaunt: Hiking on Comanche Bluff Trail at Lake Granger. My first impression pulling up… “Where is everyone?” None of the campsites were occupied and once we hit the trail, it looked as though it had not seen traffic in a loooong time. As Jon and I were swiping cob webs out of our way, we could hear rustling in the leaves along the unkempt trail. Little field mice scurried away into the trees as we passed on by. After being unnerved by the rodents and possible spiders crawling on us, we stumbled upon an old bridge.

Excited about our historical find, I instantly started to snap some shots of the behemoth while Jon walked across it. Once I finished up, I made sure to read the plaque that stood before Hoxie Bridge.

Okay, let’s just say once I read this… I was getting anxious. Apparently, there were other bridges to follow amongst the trail and we were the only people out there. And now the sign was telling me that this one was haunted! Oh, how my heart pounded.

We began our journey across the bridge and kept hiking, waiting for the next one to unveil itself. But we kept going and going and never saw a thing. At one part of the trail, Jon screamed at me and I froze. He had said something about a snake and I backed up without delay.

Over to my left, at the base of a tree, was a bright green snake, reared up & looking right at me. Not sure who was more scared, me or Mr. Snake, I did not want to find out the hard way. Either he wanted to bail or strike at me!

To safely get around him, I threw some rocks his way (without harm) to scare him in the other direction. It worked and I, err, we were free to go. Before I ran screaming past the snake, I took a quick pic. Now, did Mr. Snake have other family members out there?

After our scare with the snake, all of my “no fear” attitude went out the window. I constantly kept my eyes on the ground and whined at every web, noise, or rustle. I was ready to split just like the snake. We decided to head back and eventually came to a clearing that took us directly to the bridge and more importantly, right to our parked vehicle.

Next on the agenda, was to find an old cemetery. I had my heart set on finding some beautiful, yet eerily ancient tombstones. We found just that at the perfectly named “Old Bartlett Cemetery”. To give you a bit of Bartlett history, here is a quick run down:

Bartlett was officially formed when the Katy Railroad started their survey in 1881. Earlier settlers had been living in the area for the 30 previous years.

One J. E. Pietzsch donated land for the townsite although it was actually named after John T. Bartlett. Lots were sold in 1881 and the railroad reached the town the following year. There were two stores in operation by the time the railroad arrived and the post office opened in 1882.

We walked through the cemetery and noticed that almost all of the plots were children from the 1800s. It made me feel very sad and a little skittish. And to top off the eerie feeling, the cemetery was surrounded by farmland. It was almost like “Children of the Corn.” I was ready to get out of there!

Here are a few photos I snapped and of course doctored to capture the ghostly ambience:

So there you have it, our so-called “Spine-Tingling Sunday”. Have you done anything spooky for Halloween? Gone on a “Supernatural Spree”? Do share!

Happy Haunting, I mean… Hunting!

Photography by Melanie


8 thoughts on “The “Spirit” of Halloween

  1. Yes, very scary.I thought the snake was a cool green.You be careful young lady around snakes.And how you wrote your name looks like how the word Bewitched the TV show looked.Check out the the TV shows intro on Youtube to see.Love and miss you,Mom Happy Halloween!

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