Find and Seek

Ya know, the good thing about being sick is that I can post up in bed and scour Craigslist. I never think to go to this site anymore because I often find myself searching for furniture on sites like West Elm, Ikea, and Crate & Barrel. But having a friend that is very successful at finding pieces on CL and fixing them up, has inspired me to take a look today. With that in mind, I was also up all night (okay not that late since I was suffering from my cold) perusing a website suggested from my buddy’s site called Honey and Maple Syrup.

Page after page after page, I was taken in by the fact that this woman could take a piece of furniture and triumphantly modify it to something spectacular. I guess it is true, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” The only thing is that I like to find pieces ready for me to buy, whether it be new or old.  I appreciate patina, scratches and dings. I also love the colors of some of the furniture from way back when. And after all that, I am just so tired these days to use my energy on special projects like furniture re-do’s.

Some prefer it and I don’t, but since the recent burst of inspiration, I turned to the mighty “List of Craig” and found some great pieces of furniture in my area. Not necessarily for me to buy, but to show you what is out there and that you don’t have to pay antique store or retail prices. Take a looksy:

Beautiful Antique Bedroom Set – $1100

(What a steal: 4 pieces for that price!)

  • Sleigh bed (full), Wardrobe, Dresser with Mirror, & a Dressing Vanity all in Excellent Condition

Just look at the bed - Gorgeous!

White shabby chic sideboard/buffet – $200

(The work is already done for you – Take home today!)

  • Beautiful white antique shabby chic sideboard/buffet. Makes for a great accent piece in your dining room or really any room. Two long drawers for storage.

Display your Thanksgiving feast here

Vintage French Provincial TALL CHEST lovely light blue – $250

(Absolutely stunning! Can you beat that?)

  • Large mahogany vintage tall chest that was painted a beautiful shade of blue with gold highlights many decades ago, just a beautiful old piece that holds a lot. The cabinet has nice large drawers as you can see, with the old flame mahogany showing in front. This is a very heavy and well-made spacious antique fine chest turned into a French Provincial style piece long ago, with an excellent patina of age to it.

This can go anywhere in the house!


So maybe, just maybe, I might shop from Craigslist soon for the future office/guest bedroom project. I don’t think I will find myself with paint and stain to fix up my new finds, but I might make someone an offer to take home their “trash or treasure”.


One thought on “Find and Seek

  1. There ARE some fun pieces in your area. Unfortunately in my area there are mostly just junky cast-offs. I’m not great with re-dos either. I wish I was, it would be awesome, but I find the whole thing a little intimidating.

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