Random Musings

So today, driving home (and basically every time I’m conscious), I had a few thoughts streak through my head. I posted them, all three and one at a time, on my personal Facebook page once I got home. I just had to get them out of there, as some are reoccurring, to entertain my “friends”. Heck! Even myself.

But for my blog, there have also been a few random musings I have yet to post. I keep emailing myself links and ideas and the emails end up sitting in my Inbox. Sometimes, it gets to the point where I pass them on and file them away in the dreaded “Misc.” folder. Not this time! One specific email kept haunting me with the subject line, “dress”. I knew I just had to share…

A while back I was studying one of my fave blogs “Once Wed”, and found this awesome vintage, early 1920’s dress:

Yes, it could very well be a Silver Wedding Dress! When I saw it, I absolutely fell in love. Of all the colors in the world, I would have never thought of silver for the bride’s wedding attire. Silver just so happens to be my “khaki” in the world of fashion. I mean, I have a big silver bag and a pair of silver sandals that I wear with almost anything!

Another example of my love for silver: I ended up using the same vintage, silver beaded purse to accessorize my wedding dress and reception dress  (these being separate occasions). Even though the outfits were completely opposite of one another, the purse complimented them each in it’s very own way. Silver goes with anything, I tell you!  Now, since my wedding festivities are over, maybe someone else can partake in this particular nuptial wardrobe idea.


On to the next random musing… a tattoo. Yeah, I said it! Maybe even two, but let’s see if I can even get to #1. Why? I am deathly afraid and have been for a very long time. To get you to understand my fear, let’s just say I have had the same earring holes from the innocent, young age of 5 and nothing else!

I remember the “incident” very well. Mom took me to the mall; me not so suspecting the future horror. Two teen gals plopped me in a big chair, handed me a teddy bear, and stuck two piercing guns simultaneously to my precious ears. BANG! I’m screaming and writhing in pain, while one of the girls is picking up the teddy bear that I had apparently thrown across the store. Ever since then, I have been very aware of needles and other sharp objects for all of my live-long days. So as my friends were inking themselves in our early years, I sat back resenting myself and admiring their bravery.

Remember in my previous post “Create Yourself” at the very end, I mentioned how I basically wanted to dive into my weirdness? Well now, I have seriously contemplated a tattoo these days. By the way, I still want those red frames.

As I am getting older, I am gaining courage. The first tattoo that has come to mind is my maiden name, in cursive on the inside of my right wrist. Now that I am married, I have become a part of my husband’s family, taking on their name and most importantly, his. But me being a little independent and proud, I still want to honor my family name as well.

The second tattoo would be a heart on the underneath bottom part of my ring finger. Since I teach preschool and teach afternoon art, which often results in a mess, my wedding ring is absent from my finger during the work week. So, I find myself these days wearing my wedding ring on the weekends and this makes me sad. (Just to clarify once more, I do not want to mess this ring up!) So to stand in for the ring, I would like a heart right there on my ring finger. Here are a few ideas:

Anatomical Heart

Vintage-style Heart (with a Bird)

Sacred Heart

These are basically the three types of hearts I would pick from for my one lil’ tattoo. It is so “heart” to decide! But, I am in no hurry… still working up the nerve.

So there you have it, just two of my random musings. They have been clunking around in my head long enough like a pair of shoes in the dryer. They are out there for you and me to see now… Schew!


5 thoughts on “Random Musings

  1. I love the TAT with the bird .That IS so You.And sorry about getting both your ears done at the same time,but if you had one at a time done you might not have let us touch you again to get the second one done.You never liked getting you annual shots like any kid. Love you, Mom.

  2. Totally love the little birdie and heart. It’s “So Melanie” as they all say : ) I’ll hold your hand if you need a buddy, and I’ll be sure to bring candy and sugar (long story involving my own tat)

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