Stretching My Legs

Even though my car is fine, I have been admiring a few new hatchbacks & SUV’s lately. Before my current vehicle, I drove a Jeep Liberty… until I pummeled it into the ground by rolling it!

With my new teaching gig, I have been hauling around art supplies. Also, there have been thoughts of selling antiques again and home improvement. So therefor,  my little head has been filled with dreams of a roomier sled. I thought I would share my faves with you… maybe one day, I can upgrade to a little more legroom.

Honda Crosstour

Jeep Liberty

Audi A3

What do you think? Any insight? Do share…


2 thoughts on “Stretching My Legs

  1. Somebody upgraded their look! My dad loooves his Honda CRV, and it fits even the tallest people comfortably. Can’t wait to see more links for all the fab etsy accessories you scored for your party.

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