Round Top, Texas In The Off-Season

After having off and on rainy weather, I woke up Saturday morning in an “exploring” mood. Year after year, I have missed The Original Round Top Antiques Fair and with that in mind, I decided to visit Round Top during the off-season. It was only an hour and forty five minute drive for us to visit the little, historic town famously known for it’s spring and fall antique shows.

But, it was the summertime and 4th of July weekend. The little town was preparing for the governor of Texas and it’s holiday parade the following day. The sky was cloudy, it was warm, and not many shops were open. We walked around the charming, yet small town square and visited a few art galleries. Wine and dogs were welcome inside and we found a little pup named Lucy at The Gallery at Round Top. The gallery was beautiful, as was the artwork on display. Too bad I couldn’t take Lucy with me!

After visiting other galleries and shops, we came upon a striking store front with a very bedazzled vehicle that was apparently a “taxi”. This prompted me to take a photo with the strange car and walk inside the old building called ‘Lizzie Lou’ where they had “original art, unique antiques, unusual gifts, and much more.” And yes, there were strange things everywhere!

Following our weird experience, we hopped in the car and drove down the road to another bunch of shops and visited the J Compton Gallery. It was very tiny inside, but everywhere you looked, there was something to catch your eye like antique toys, folk art, artwork of self-taught artists and more.

Image from J Compton Gallery

We had the pleasure of meeting Jean the gallery owner, who gave us a little history lesson on some of the items she had on display. She also informed us that she was a writer for the drama documentary about blues singer Robert Johnson called “Can’t You Hear the Wind Howl?“.

Since we walked around and explored all afternoon, it was time to hit up Royer’s Round Top Cafe, as seen on the Food Network. Bud “The Pie Man” was busy visiting with his loyal patrons while we got acquainted with his restaurant. Surprisingly enough, the inside was smaller than it had appeared on television and a huge pie counter stood before us as we walked in.

We sat down, ate a delicious lunch and made room for their famous pie. It doesn’t get more Americana than that folks! With so many flavors to choose from, Jon decided to get a slice of Bud’s Chocolate Chip pie and I ordered good ol’ Cherry pie. Before you order, be sure to read the “Pie Eating Rules”. You get charged an extra .50 cents if you don’t order ice cream with your pie. Oops! Finally, our bellies were full and it was time to leave Royer’s, the lil’ cafe that helped put Round Top on the map.

For Jon and I, it is about food, exploring historic towns, and finding antiques & art. I’d have to say it was a successful day! Be sure to check out Round Top, Warrenton, and the other surrounding towns during the Antiques Fair, but if not – you can still find magic in the off-season.


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