Purrfectly Pleasing To The Eyes – Giveaway

***This giveaway is no longer accepting entries***

Okay, so I decided to have one more contest! How could I say ‘no’ to my future mother-in-law? Thanks to Karen at Meow Boutique, she will be sponsoring my fourth giveaway. Karen’s shop features everything from her very own creations, “artistically altered or embellished” items, vintage pieces, gift baskets, and more. Now, you will have a chance to win a beautiful, black satin evening bag embellished with a white satin flower. (See contest rules at the end of this post.)

Black Evening Bag

Even though I know my subject quite well, I did a Q&A with Karen so you can find out more about her and Meow Boutique.


MELANIE: Welcome to “Hand on Hip” Mom… Um, I mean Karen! Why don’t you tell everyone a little bit about yourself and where your creations come from?

MEOW BOUTIQUE: I was an Air Force brat and have lived in many places as a child. I was born in Ontario, Canada, while my father was stationed there. We moved to Denison, Texas, when I was in the 6th grade, after my dad retired from the Air Force.  My husband and I have lived in quite a few places in the U.S., but we call Texas our home.

Black Top with Hot Pink Trim and Torn Rose Brooch

MELANIE: When did you get started “artistically altering and embellishing” your items?

MEOW BOUTIQUE: I have been altering and embellishing items for about 5 or 6 years now. I can never find exactly what I am looking for in stores, so that I add to it or change it into what I think looks good.

MELANIE: Let’s talk about one of your own creations, the vacuum cleaner cover.

MEOW BOUTIQUE: My vacuum cleaner is big and bright yellow and I did not have a place to store it out of sight. It was such an eyesore sitting in the corner of my living room where everyone could see it. The first vacuum cleaner cover I made was out of recycled curtains that I had made and wasn’t using anymore. I had asked my son what he thought of it and he commented that you don’t even notice that it’s sitting in the corner. That made me think that maybe other people had the same problem with storage and I decided to make and sell the covers.

Black Purse with Black & White Polka Dot Fabric Flower

MELANIE: What else can you tell us about your shop?

MEOW BOUTIQUE: I chose the name “Meow Boutique because of my love for cats and because I like things that are sweet, soft, special, etc., hence the addition of lace and fabric flowers on my clothing items. In regards to my vintage and antique items, I try to find things that I think someone would want to have in their home. I shop for things I would personally like to have. The benefit is that I can enjoy the things that I buy for a time before I sell them.



Thanks again to Karen, my future mother-in-law and shop owner of Meow Boutique! Be sure to also check out her ongoing sale and free shipping on certain items in the shop. Now that you have kindly read the interview, here is how you can enter the contest to win the glamorous, black satin evening bag!

There is one way to enter, choosing from options 1, 2, OR 3:

1) Go to Meow Boutique and pick out your favorite item, then post the item here.

2) Subscribe to my blog “Hand on Hip” and leave a comment letting me know (I will check. So please, no cheating!)

3) Comment on this post with the words: WE ARE SIAMESE IF YOU PLEASE  (Any “Lady and the Tramp” fans out there?)

…and be sure to show your Etsy love and support by adding this seller to your favorite shops list!

This giveaway will begin at 5:30 pm CST 7/5/2010 and will end on 7/11/2010 at 5 pm CST. One winner will be selected using random.org and will be announced in a post at the end of the contest. One entry per person is permitted. Prize ships anywhere in the United States! *Email addresses are appreciated so that I can contact a winner!

Happy shopping, have fun, and good luck!


29 thoughts on “Purrfectly Pleasing To The Eyes – Giveaway


    (How could I not? our siamese would be most displeased, and a displeased siamese demands expertise to appease!)

  2. we are siamese, if you please! love the movie! i subscribed and hearted this blog and the etsy shop! i love everything in the shop, i especially like the blouses embellished with the frou frou! blessings, peace and joy from melody

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