Hand On Hip Goes International – Giveaway!

***This giveaway is no longer accepting entries***

To the “Hand On Hip” audience, I have an announcement to make: This is my first sponsored prize giveaway! Thanks to Yanni at Yanni Creations, you have a chance to win a beautiful custom map necklace or bracelet! (See contest rules at the end of this post.)

Custom Made Handmade Decoupage Bangle

I met up with Yanni, back home in the Philippines, to have an exclusive interview about her Etsy shop. Well, not really… How about a Q&A via email? Let’s get to know our guest of honor and prize giver.


MELANIE: Welcome Yanni! So, tell us all about where you and your creations are from.

YANNI: Greetings from Baguio City, Philippines, known as the “City of Pines” (pine trees dominate the landscape). It is also commonly referred to as “The Summer Capital of the Philippines”, where the climate is temperate. Much cooler than the rest of the country – a perfect getaway up in the Cordillera Mountain Range.

Africa Map Decoupaged Curved Wooden Bowl

MELANIE: When did you get started making jewelry and why?

YANNI: I am engaged in all sorts of crafting, but I hold a deep appreciation for recycling and creating with decoupage to be the most fulfilling. My love for upcycling and remaking started because I have an enormous collection of bits and pieces that I have stocked since childhood. I used to do collage, woodworks, beads and more traditional kinds of things. I did lots of recycling projects back in school and am proud to say, my crafts were always a hit on trade exhibits. I really enjoyed those moments, and from there, I started making things with any kind of debris I find. If I see any discarded and unloved materials along the way headed for a trash pile, I couldn’t help but pick them up knowing one day, I would create something beautiful out of them. When I eventually started making funky and unique jewelries, it was hard to stop. Currently, I have tons of maps, stamps, vintage books and lots of found objects that I try to incorporate into my pieces.

Why paper, particularly maps?

I have always loved maps. They’re useful. They’re pretty. And quite often, they’re free. I could spend hours looking through an Atlas and never get bored by it. As a child who was fond of history and geography, I was fascinated by postage stamps from around the world and all kinds of maps – physical, political, treasure, climate, old, new, you name it. With the heaps that I collected and sorted, I was just content on keeping them in an album and the Atlases neatly stacked only for my own consumption. I really never figured out how else to use them. However, with the art of decoupage, I finally found a way to incorporate them in my craft projects. I am now able to create wonderful pieces especially with a travel theme. At present, I continue to collect any maps I find. I actually frequent book sales to scout for vintage books and atlases which I know would make my craft world more exciting.

Handmade Decoupage Cocoshell Atlas Dangle Earring (Appalachian Mountains)

MELANIEAny other interesting things we should know about the shop?

YANNI: With themes of green politics, conservationism, and climate change becoming increasingly popular in the art arena, I commit in putting eco-friendly philosophies to practice, with jewelries, accessories and home decors made entirely or at least 90% of unwanted objects. Recycling and reusing stuff normally destined for the landfill has always been a creative process for me. It is my personal goal and Yanni Creations to help change people’s minds and hearts to reconsider what is garbage and realize anything that seemed worthless could still be salvaged. Ephemeras that are normally discarded can be transformed into eco-friendly accessories with just a bit of imagination, creativity and a sense of fun.

Everything in my Etsy store is handmade .You’ll find a collection of handmade stuff and accessories that range from chic jewelries to delightfully decorative functional pieces. It is my commitment to offer original and inventive designs. Although the materials are common such as paper, I make sure my paper crafts are well made and long lasting. I do not mass produce my creations and I see to it that each piece is unique and OOAK.

In parting, I want my creations to encourage recycling by showing that the life cycle of a thing doesn’t end when it’s no longer functional and that just about anything can be re-used, recycled, remade long after it has served its primary purpose!

Take a peek at some of my maps and paper beads and then look in your trash bin for inspiration! Unleash your creativity!



Thanks again to the very kind and creative Yanni! Now that you have the scoop on Yanni Creations, here is how to enter the contest to win a custom map necklace or bracelet:

First off, be sure to show your Etsy support by giving her a big ol’ heart. I did and I was the 100th heart! I am proud to say that Yanni is giving me my own lil’ gift: a Custom Texas Map Necklace. I am so excited and can not thank her enough!!!

There are two chances to enter:

1) Go to Yanni Creations and pick out your favorite item, heart it, let me know you hearted it, & then post the item here. (This will be checked, so no cheating purty please!)


2) Comment on this post with the words: IT IS EASY BEING GREEN

This giveaway will begin at 12 pm CST 6/13/2010 and will end on 6/19/2010 at 12 pm CST. One winner will be selected using random.org and will be announced in a post at the end of the contest. One entry per person is permitted. Prize ships anywhere in the world! *Email addresses are appreciated so that I can contact a winner!

Happy shopping, have fun, and good luck!


30 thoughts on “Hand On Hip Goes International – Giveaway!



    The maps I used to decoupage is vintage. It came from an in-flight magazine of Saudi Arabian Airlines called Ahlan Wasahlan (Arabic: هلاً وسهلاً‎ “Hello and Welcome”)- 1987 issue. It features the airline’s domestic and international routes.

    The wood is thin and lightweight, round with an opening in the center and measures 4.5 cm across. Earrings have fish hook Earwires and drops drop about 2″ when worn.

    The earrings look a little kinda distressed which gives a worn out aged feel.

  2. From Donna Wilson. I love your work. Your very gifted.Keep creating wonderful things.I love the afican bowl and braclet.

  3. It is not easy being green but Yanni makes look easy… I love her work (don’t need to win anything because I already ordered two pair of earrings and can’t wait to them

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