Not Your Average Birdhouse

If my family and friends are reading this, they know I LOVE BIRDS! So stumbling upon this today, my heart flipped and fluttered.

Check out these humorous, handcrafted birdhouses by artists Luke Bartels and Jeff Canham, as part of their “For the Birds” show featured at the Curiosity Shoppe in San Francisco. I see a recurring theme here... this is the second SF post I have made lately. Looks like I need to plan a trip!

The Pigeon Hole Motel

If you are not in the Bay Area, you can purchase an “Avian Establishment for the Urban Bird” online at the Curiosity Shoppe for $675. They also come with a branch shelf for optional wall mounting. Add a few to your collection and make a little bird neighborhood today!


Madame Cuckoo, Psychic

Hawk's Pawn Shop

Jail Birds Bail Bonds


One thought on “Not Your Average Birdhouse

  1. Too cute! You could make those yourself and have a tree filled with birdies and their cute little houses. I am a fan of birdhouses too, and love the big rustic ones that look like they have been though many families. CHEEP!

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