Have You Been Hiding Under A Rock?

You must have been if you have not heard of the funny blog by Christian Lander called Stuff White People Like. Offensive to some, but hilarious to just about everyone else, this blog pokes fun at your everyday, common Caucasian. It is Christian’s “scientific approach to highlight and explain stuff white people like.” With #118 Ugly Sweater Parties (which I admit, wanted to do one of these), #69 Mos Def (I love him!), and #35 The Daily Show/Colbert Report gracing the list, you are sure to point the finger at yourself and say “Guilty As Charged!”. Go for it, read the full list and delve into the blog posts on each of Christian’s comical explanations.

If you are already a fan, or just became one thanks to me, SWPL now has posters available! Just visit Workspace to find your favorite blog post off of the list! Every month, Workspace will turn 30 new blog posts into a poster. If you do not see yours, check back!

These are 12.5″x19″ two color, silk screen posters “printed on black French Paper with environmentally friendly water based inks” priced at an affordable 10 bucks! Plus they are limited edition, numbered and signed posters – so get yours fast! Here are a few to peek at:

Pretty funny if you ask me… Going to order me one now!


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