So Good, Yet So Far Away

Not having cable at home, we usually soak it up when we are at my fiance’s parents’ house. It seems that the channel changer is always stuck on the Food Network though. Watching The Best Thing I Ever Ate today, their show topic being “Bacon”, my ears perked. If you remember, I just posted a blog on chocolate and bacon… Mmmm!

One of the bacon dishes the show mentioned was a donut. How do I know this would be any good? I trust them, it’s made with bacon! The handmade Maple Glazed Bacon Apple Donut is studded with bacon and apples sauteed in the bacon fat.  Then it is dipped in a maple glaze and sprinkled with crispy bacon.

I must have this now, but I can’t! Why? The lil’ restaurant that created this breakfast treat is Dynamo Donut, located in San Francisco, CA. Unfortunately, San Fran is 1,500 miles away from me. Plus, they do not ship. Oh yes, I already checked. But if anyone wants to send one my way, I wouldn’t send it back!

If you are in the Bay Area, stop by the donut & coffee shop and try out one of their bacon donuts. They also have other flavors like Chocolate Rose, Banana de Leche, & Lemon Thyme. When you are done savoring these fascinating flavored fried dough delicacies, stop back by my blog and tell me how it was. I guess I will have to live vicariously through your foodie experience!

Dynamo Donut / 2760 24th Street / San Francisco, CA / (415) 920-1978 / Donuts cost $2 – $3.50


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