Pancake Charity Breakfast for a Friend

As soon as I heard a high school friend’s little sister had breast cancer, my ears perked. I had to do something!

It is very important for me to do what I can to be a part of the solution and healing process since I lost my Aunt Sharon to cancer in 2004. She had breast cancer, it returned later, spreading to her bones and liver. This is extremely sad since my mom had just found out, a few years prior, she even had a sister. They became very close and we were all excited to have found Sharon and her family.

Not able to give big donations, I try to run/walk races, attend events, get my friends involved, spread the word about helping, and more. And that was what I did.

Amy Gillespie has a story and I am going to help by telling it to not just my community of friends and family, but to you all as well:

“On Amy’s 30th birthday, January 6, 2010, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After under going numerous tests and procedures, a double mastectomy was scheduled for January 15th. She was informed by her insurance carrier two days prior to surgery that she was being dropped.

A pet scan on January 22 revealed a spot on her liver approximately one inch in size. In roughly 10 days, she will begin chemotherapy treatments that will last 4-6 months. Her treatment will be very aggressive, with liver surgery and double mastectomy to follow.

Amy is currently uninsured and seeking qualification for programs and charities to help with the financial burden ahead.

Please continue to be in prayer for Amy as she begins her treatment.”

On March 6th, in Mesquite , Texas, Peace and Love for Amy had a charity event called “Prayers, Peace, and Pancakes for Amy Gillispie”. I made sure that I attended and got as many of my friends involved via the Facebook page. It was so nice to see ol’ friends from high school. Plus, there was enough pancakes and orange juice to feed an army. Yummy!

Here are a few pics from the event:

After I got back to Austin, I found out they had raised over $4,500 for Amy’s treatments, etc. If you would like to help, please become a member of Peace and Love for Amy on Facebook to find out more information. You can also make donations or buy a t-shirt by going to the Discussions tab. If you do not want to go on Facebook, here is the information:

“These awesome t-shirts were designed & created by Amy herself & are now available for purchase for just $10 each. If you attended one of the fundraising events, then you’ve seen them in person & seen Amy sporting it! They are 100% preshrunk cotton and are available in the sizes listed below. I will be placing another order soon, so if you don’t see your size, simply contact me at and I will add your size to the list!


Youth sizes:
Small (6-8)
Medium (10-12)

Unisex Adult sizes:
Small – currently SOLD OUT
Medium – just 5 left
3X – 4 left”


A fund account has been opened for Amy at First State Bank of Mesquite. The account is listed under “Amy LupPlace Gillispie”.

First State Bank of Mesquite
917 Military Parkway
Mesquite, TX 75149



I am waiting for my shirt to arrive and I am so excited! It is so cute! Please help out there people. Trust me, if I could save the world, I would. All I can do is help a little bit at a time and you can too. Thank you


One thought on “Pancake Charity Breakfast for a Friend

  1. I hope it was was at least pancake from whole grains (though I would say this would still be bad) and no syrup b/c it’s common knowledge that processed carbohydrates and sugar feed cancer cells and are being studied as a major link to the rise of cancer. Though I love charity events especially ones involved with cancer (my stepmother was diagnosed with lung cancer about 6 months ago), I think it’s important that those charity events focus on things that will promote well being in all people. It seems almost asinine to promote charity while doing so w/an event that actual fuels the bad things in the body. I really hope that your friend has a full recovery. Cancer scares the crap outta me even more so since it struck so close to home. I know I sound very negative, but it makes me sad that people can’t seem to get the connection with what they put into their body and what it yields. Bryan read a study once where a bunch of cancer patients were put on no carb diet for several months. The patients saw amazing reduction in the size of their tumors but after the study was over half of them went right back to the old way of eating…I just don’t get it.

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