I Blinked And Then It Was March

I never posted in February, but I was super busy. Like right now for instance, I should be writing a poem for class that is due Thursday evening. Sure, I wrote something down on paper, but I need to type it and fine tune it. Later on, I will share with you one of my poems from class. Okay, back to February. Just like the winter storms it brought in, the month blew right by for me.

  • Let’s see… I ran a 5K, Cupid’s Chase in Georgetown, TX. I came in around 31 minutes. Hey! Don’t laugh. I only trained (after being on exercise hiatus since last summer) for 3 weeks prior to the event. I think I did pretty good. Here is a goofy photo of me, #168,  crossing the finish line:

  • After that, I had my 32nd birthday and then it was Valentine’s Day.
  • We also had tickets to see Cirque Du Soleil, Alegria on the 20th. It was beautiful and thrilling!
  • I also got a full- time temp. job while I focus on my writing. Only being there for 2 weeks, I am trying to adjust to the school/work life again.
  • Wedding plans are coming along… But I am still searching for a dress. No, not a wedding dress-dress. I am getting married on the beach, so nothing too extravagant. More like something sweet and airy. My girlfriend and I went this past weekend to find a dress for me to wear to our vintage style reception. I like the dress, but I am not quite sold on it yet. I am just ready for the “this is the one” feeling to hit me soon. Hello dress… Are you there?
  • With the weather being on-and-off again rainy, my running has come to a screeching halt. So we opted to hike this past Sunday at a near-by park. I think we traveled about 2.5 miles. It was nice to know that I was working something out because at the end, my legs were a bit wobbly and I passed out in the car. To find out where you can hike in your neck o’ the woods, check out Local Hikes. Get movin’ and get some fresh air!

And now… to say that I have been writing, here is proof. My professor pointed out this poem last week in class to discuss. He really liked it, being just a simple image cluster poem. See for yourself, the common imagery that is displayed throughout my poem:

by Melanie Letot

Solitude is a country road
No one walks it but me

My spirit is busted
Like the barbed wired fences

Mangled and rusted
Time has passed
No one there to mend it

Isolated old barns
Nothing living inside

Wind blowing
Through the cracks

Still standing
Waiting for someone to return

Like a starved cow
I am hungry

Searching for nourishment
Among these fields

Life was plentiful
Like the prairie grass
That once thrived here


On to March…


2 thoughts on “I Blinked And Then It Was March

  1. That is beautiful, Melanie 🙂 I got all the wonderful visuals of that road, that barn, that prairie grass….you are on your way!! This is an exciting time for you, and I’m so glad you are brave enough to share it whole-heartedly with those who love you. ❤

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