The Gears Are Turning

Welcome to Twenty Ten folks! My first blog of the new year and boy are the gears turning in my head.

I just tried #55 on my last post (some R&R) and nearly made myself ill. Just a lil’ ol’ hot bath, that’s all. But I might want to be careful next time, not having anything to hydrate myself all morning, before I step into a bubbling hot brew! Dizziness and nausea sure wiped the slate clean of any relaxation that might have occurred.

Okay, so I got some H2Orange (water and OJ combo) and I feel better. Onward!

I wanted to share with you the excitement of a new beginning for me. First off, this blog isn’t going to be about only Design & Decorating. Nope. I will also write to write; anything creative or inspirational. And of course, the occasional update on me, our house, life, etc.

Which brings me to this… I want to become a writer. I have registered for a Creative Writing class at a nearby college, conveniently after work, on Thursdays. I start in a few weeks and the class lasts until May. The instructor is Irwin Tang. Very interesting & popular man I discovered – just “google” him and his name will appear in regards to the basketball player Shaq.

Since I have decided to focus on my writing, I decided that I need to purchase a desk & chair and  get my Mac all set up with Microsoft Office. Take a look at the sweet little writing desk I am to hopefully pick up tomorrow, at the new West Elm in downtown Austin:

Slideaway Desk

I will also need a funky chair to go with it, so I was looking at some yellow or red chairs like this at IKEA:

JULES Swivel Chair

There are  some more exciting tidbits of info in regards to this future goal, but I have to be sure things follow through before I make an announcement!


I definitely want to take up running again. This winter has sucked the life out of me and my body has cabin fever. It needs a jump start and fast! Sometime over the holidays in Dallas, I took the dogs out for a brisk morning walk. Even in pajama pants, I decided to speed up the pace and started running. I loved it, the dogs loved it, and more so, my body felt energized! To some people, it was more like jogging, but to this out-of-shape 31 year old, it was running. And oh, have I missed it so.

All I need to do is join a running group.  Better start shaping up or I am going to shape-out before you know it. Our wedding is in September and I need to liven up my brain and body by exercising. For more info, go to RunTex for a list of their free running groups in the Austin area. Maybe I will see you there?!

While I get the brain electrified with all of this lively activity, I want to get back to my photography too. Yes, I know I have neglected to post my Holga pics, but I had it stashed away all this time and forgot. Life has been chaotic, the storm has passed and the Holga has been resurrected. I have decided to develop the film this weekend and will, in time, get those darn photos up for all to see. Now that the Holga has been “dusted off”, I plan on building onto it to take even more photos… Ya know, 32 is around the corner and what a better gift to me would be to feed my need to be creative. Just ask, friends & fam.

On a happy, fun note… I was catching up on some blogs during “lazy time” this morning and discovered on Design Sponge, Chalk It To Me. Ladies & Gentlemen Studio created these cute ceramic interactive decorative pieces, just by going to thrift stores. All they did was find kitschy ceramic animals, spray painted them with chalkboard paint, and decorated them with colored chalk. Wah-lah! You have a mustache wearin’ bunny rabbit! L&GS has a shop where you can shop from their menagerie and ship home your very own chalk mate. Or you can experiment and try it at home… I think I just might!

Happy New Year everyone… It is going to be great!


2 thoughts on “The Gears Are Turning

  1. Cute desk, love it! Running, oh no, I couldn’t even out run our 16 1/2 years old dog when she got loose one morning:) I will be looking forward to reading your posts. I am excited for you about the writing course and your future aspirations. Hears to looking forward to 2010! Cheers!

  2. I am so stoked for ya, Mel! There is something so refreshing and enlivening to turn a page in our lives and settle more into our selves. You are on a roll, and I am so proud! The desk & chair combo is killer, just love the mix of styles. Best of luck with the running, you can do it!! 🙂

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