Inspired: The Things I Love, Part II

After spending the time the other day to list out 110 (my intentions were 100) things I love, I just could not stop. And it didn’t end there. Once I was out and about in the real world, more things would come to mind like when I was taking a bath, driving in the car, or sitting at my desk. These faves would just pop into my head instantly, soon leaving me feeling overwhelmed! I just had to write them down or keep record of them. So once again, here is another list with 55 more of my favorite things… Maybe you will also see the little “pluses” in life!

  1. my dogs’ funny, little personalities
  2. going to art museums
  3. pretty headbands

    Be Something New – Etsy

  4. the smell of coffee
  5. the smell of a brand new book
  6. the shape & design of a Fiji water bottle
  7. giving gifts
  8. galoshes


  9. busy downtown, metropolitan areas
  10. white Christmas lights, anytime of year
  11. Pajama pants
  12. The Gap
  13. little buttons (pins)

    Barrel of Monkeys – Etsy

  14. nature/being outdoors
  15. Southern home-cooking
  16. Frito pie
  17. Airstreams
  18. vintage aprons & towels
  19. Pine Cone Hill bedding
  20. Sunday driving
  21. riding my bicycle and feeling like a kid again
  22. flowers
  23. having a night light when I feel scared
  24. old clocks/clock faces
  25. cake plates (with or without domes)
  26. bakeries & pastry shops
  27. the sound of someone mowing the lawn
  28. being quirky
  29. volunteering/helping others when I can
  30. sauces
  31. comedies
  32. the excitement of keeping something a surprise
  33. cooking out at home
  34. lavender bath salts
  35. Sephora
  36. Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products

    I just picked up the Iowa Pine Holiday Liquid Dish Soap!

  37. Hearing the sounds of different farm animals, all around our house
  38. finding a pair of jeans that fit you perfectly
  39. the idea of visiting Europe one day
  40. forehead kisses
  41. when my dogs are sweetly sleeping


  42. finishing a project at home
  43. having gorgeous weather, eating out on a patio
  44. quoting funny movie lines with my brother and acting them out
  45. the view from our back porch
  46. silly little kids
  47. fondue


  48. having a manicure or pedicure done
  49. historical, quaint neighborhoods
  50. my weird, one-and-only vocabulary
  51. pretty smiles
  52. good hearted, genuine people
  53. blog comments (hint, hint)
  54. pink
  55. having time for some R&R

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