Winding Down… Yet Still Busy!

Long time, no hear from me. Sorry everyone, but I definitely have to say since October, life has slowed down in the home improvement department. After we had the house completely painted and hung up our brand new Mission Style house numbers, I have not wanted to do anymore to the house, much less talk about it.

While that has died down, my wedding planning (along with the holidays) has picked up and has now kept my schedule and attention very busy! I have decided to nix the tropical-themed wedding reception and have gone a different, but personal route. Something that represents both mine and Jon’s tastes and interests. I have been fairly keeping it quiet as a surprise, but what the heck… I am doing a vintage-themed wedding reception! With my quirky artsy-fartsy touch, it will be perfect for us. Thank goodness I searched the Internet and found some inspiration…

Lately my obsession, and I mean OBSESSION, has been drooling and fawning over several Indie & DIY wedding blogs (and it kills me to even share, since I feel like it was my dirty, little secret):

1. Once Wed

2. Ruffled Blog

3. Style Me Pretty

…. and many more… but these are the GOOD ONES! Uh, it hurts to even give it away!


Now for the final product as of October (drum roll please), our HOME SWEET HOME:


4 thoughts on “Winding Down… Yet Still Busy!

  1. oh my my my! it’s lovely. my house is the same avocado-ish color! i love where you put your house numbers… i’ve been looking for a good spot for mine.

    p.s. the back porch is heavenly! =)

  2. I love it so much Mel!! I can’t wait to *hopefully* visit you when you are Mrs. John 😉 You definitely have a talented eye for things. I want to hire you! Love ya so much…

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