I Heart Ronson… No Really

I bought this dress today for my engagement party in Austin, which is tomorrow. From the looks of it, these dresses are selling like hot cakes! And of all places, the dress was at JC Penney’s. I fell in love with this dress as soon as I saw it yesterday… even had someone take it off the mannequin. But to my dismay, it didn’t fit. Thanks to Jon’s advice, I called another store and they held the dress in my size. Wah-la! I picked it up today and I couldn’t be more happy and relieved.

Check it out, it is I Heart Ronson by Charlotte Ronson for JC Penney’s. You know, Samantha Ronson’s sister & Samantha is on-and-off again girlfriend to Lindsay Lohan?. Hello? Duh! Just kidding, like I know. It’s just like Vera Wang selling her clothing line at Kohl’s.

What do you think? Pretty cute; vintage-looking and mod all together! Check out some fab pics of her 2009 Fall Collection. If you like fun and funky, visit your local JC Penney’s now. Hope it looks good on me! I am dressing it up with a black coat and heels.

I Heart Ronson Peacock Dress

I Heart Ronson Peacock Dress


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