I Want to Ride My Bicycle…

Ah… that catchy Queen song is playing in my head when I see my revamped thrift store Univega Cruiser bike now! It is super cute, especially with the easy spray paint job and some new accessories!

Take a look at it from before when we were prepping it:

Taken apart and about to be sanded...

Taken apart and about to be sanded...


Jon priming my bike

Jon priming my bike


Me sanding the wheels

Me sanding the wheels


And now:

Check out my bike now!

Check out my bike!


We painted the frame of the bike with Krylon Satin spray paint in Avocado green and the wheels in Ballet Slipper pink. After that, we sprayed a few coats of clear lacquer on the paint job to finish it. We also picked up a Bell tan spring seat, some new white wall Cruiser tires, and tubes.  Check out these… I have my eye on some All-City Stars Track Grips in Pink & White. I love stars!!!



All I need to do now is add these grips, get a new kickstand and maybe some cool decals! Thanks to Jon for picking up this cool old bike and turning it into something fabulous for me. I can’t wait to ride it this Fall out on our country road… XOXO


3 thoughts on “I Want to Ride My Bicycle…

  1. I LOVE this!! I need to do this too. Do you mind me asking how much this project cost you? This is just too sweet, Mel. 🙂 Will you be adding one of those cute baskets to the handle bars?

  2. Cheri, I think we spent $100 to $200 including the bike, paint, tires, seat, etc. The cool thing was that we got the tires, seat, and tubes at Walmart! The bike was a thrift store find and the paint was at Home Depot. I definitely want to add a basket or decals to it! New grips too!

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