Color Me Purple

So…. my bathroom is painted red, 2 different reds actually, but that was by accident and it is a long story. The tub area of the bathroom is a darker red and the vanity area is a brighter red. The countertop is olive green (which we are going to tile over) and the cabinets are white. I have black & white and red artwork on the walls. So basically, green, red, and black & white accents in the bathroom. I would keep the cabinets white, all the artwork with it’s hints of red, and everything else that is black too. Picturing it? Nah, no photos for now.

We also have some doctor’s office glass jars with red lettering and a good ol’ bottle of Meyers soap by the sink. Normally we use Lemon Verbena (green label), but Jon got Lavender once and from then on, the bottle has struck my attention. It has a red circle with a grayish purple label. “Well, that would be a pretty paint color.” Purple walls with red, black and white accents all throughout the bathroom? Sounds great, just need to get my future husband’s approval first! Well, he is okay with it.


With this in mind, I googled “purple bathroom” and got a few photos for inspiration. Maybe this year, after finishing up painting the exterior of the house and the guest bedroom trim, I will work up the nerve to paint the bathroom a velvety, soothing purple for the bathroom. Take a look at what I am talking about:












Anyone out there have better purple bathroom images? Send me a link in the comment section. I would love to get more ideas and become motivated to actually go forward and paint!


2 thoughts on “Color Me Purple

  1. It all looks so great, Mel!! I love purple, especially the grey toned ones. It is relaxing 🙂 I also use the Meyers Lavender soap, and my kitchen always smells so good after I spray the counters. It is a very good cleanser as well. They make fantastic products.

  2. Ummm…I was just talking about always wanting a purple bathroom the other day to a co-worker! I love the way it looks against the white porcelain and stainless steel fixtures! Love it!

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