Decorating the House Update #2

It has been a while and I have not mentioned that I did buy a Pine Cone Hill bedskirt after I was eyeballing their website in January. In March, I bought a “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster. Since then, I have framed it and added it to our bedroom. I wanted to update you guys on how that came together:


Our bedroom

Our Bedroom

Also, for my birthday in February, Jon and I bought a bookcase from Crate & Barrel and in March, he found a groovy older table at Goodwill and spruced it up. So I wanted to show you how this too came together in the living room:


Living Room

Living Room

I have other things in mind for the house, but for now we are focusing on finishing up the flooring trim and once it stops raining, painting the outside of the house. We have dug out the landscaping to 1) make it easier to paint the front of the house and 2) we are thinking about building a front porch deck. Since my house is naked, I have recycled some of the plants that were in the front and put them in pots and flower beds around the house. I have also added some new plants and I am waiting for my flowers to grow and bloom, thanks to a bag of wildflower seeds my dear friend Cheri sent me. I also bought some hanging baskets for the back porch and put ferns in them. I love them! Another decoration for my back porch – a barn swallow’s nest in the corner equipped with a set of expectant birds. They have returned this year to have their babies. 

Yep, things are slowly progressing around here, but we are also enjoying the beautiful flowers, green grass, birds, and nice weather. Next week, we go on vacation to Hawaii. Ahhhh, I can’t wait! Once we get back, it is back to business. Gotta keep working on our projects! Until then…


3 thoughts on “Decorating the House Update #2

  1. This sounds like paradise!! Isn’t it fun to put your heart into your house and really make it a home? You have such great taste and artistic eye, you are amazing 🙂 Lovin’ the pics! And hope the seeds sprout soon! xoxox

  2. Love the bookcase too! Coop has one in his room that looks like that, too! Things fall off of it. I like how you have the books organized. I ‘ll have to try that!

  3. Is that a new side table in your bedroom, too? I like the striped bedskirt! Can’t wait to see what else your creative mind thinks up next!

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