What A Pleasant Surprise!

Today, I was on the computer taking care of some things on my etsy shop’s website: Rare Bird Boutique. To get to my page, I googled the name and several things popped up under my search… I saw that someone had blogged about my shop in July of 2008! I had no idea, err.

I was and still am happy to see that something in my shop impressed a really cool blogger – check out the blog of paper and things. Back in July, they had blogged about my Giant Paper Confetti (which has sold by now) and some other types of confetti made by fellow etsians. Take a looksy for yourself: “daily paper fix: confetti”.

I just wanted to tell the blogger thank you and sorry for just now noticing! I really appreciate the plug and the fact you liked my confetti enough to post a blog about it. Just made my day and inspires me to make some more fun, festive confetti for you folks out there!




Close Up of my Giant Paper Confetti


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