Keep Calm And Carry On

Lately, I have been clicking away on the Internet looking for interesting design/decorating ideas and one particularly item struck me. Apparently, “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters are very popular right now! I especially like them because they are reproduction vintage British WWII posters and sfgirlbybay on prints them in an array of colors for $25! I decided to buy the Chocolate Brown one:


sfgirlbybay suggests that you go to IKEA to buy the 19.75″ x 27.5″ Ribba frame because 1) the posters are an odd size, measuring 16 X 23″ and 2) IKEA frames are inexpensive and this one specifically, will fit. The other suggestion I got from sfgirlbybay is to get the mat, included with the frame, professionally cut so that it doesn’t overlap the top of the crown and wording at the bottom. I think I am going to do that!

Take a look at the following pictures to see how wonderful these colorful posters are in a modern setting:






Now, all I have to do is stop by IKEA this week to buy a white Ribba frame. Then I can proudly display my poster with it’s important, yet simple message: “Keep Calm And Carry On”. Ahhh, that would be perfect on the wall next to my side of the bed. It’ll be something to think about as I drift off to sleep every night…


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