Sanctuary, It Is…

Fun Find Alert:

Today on my lunch break, I decided that I was going to find a store other than Target, etc., that had stuff that fit my decorating style. I hopped on the Internet and found Sanctuary in Westlake Hills (just a few miles away from work). As soon as I saw this picture, I had my keys in hand, ready to go!



When I got there, I was so relieved to see items in the store that I search for on design websites like the garden gloves from Hable Construction I wanted, but in pink!  I picked up some fun coasters from Snow & Graham and a lovely piece of garden art (home decor) by a local artist; check out her gallery & shop at LD Design.

When I was in the process of checking out, I spoke to a lovely lady at the counter. I told her how I wanted to blog about Sanctuary and she asked me what my blog was about. I explained to her that I just blogged about decorating my house and design-y type stuff. She seemed excited about me blogging about the store and she mentioned that her house was featured on Apartment Therapy and asked if I had seen it.

I didn’t recall, but was anxious to check it out. Now that I think of it all, I was speaking to Hanna the owner of the store and I had seen the blog about her “sunny” home, but I saw it on All Things Austin Design. Very cool & exciting!!

I enjoyed speaking with Hanna and now that I have visited the store, I am a BIG fan! Please stop by this gem of a store at: Sanctuary / 3663 Bee Caves Road / Westlake Hills, Tx. / 78746 / 512.329.0507 / Sanctuary Blog



2 thoughts on “Sanctuary, It Is…

  1. hi melanie,

    thanks for the lovely shout-out about the hable construction gloves! i work for the company, so it’s always nice to come across
    posts about hable. 🙂

    love your site!

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