What’s Your Personal Decorating Style?

Go to Sproost to find out your personal decorating style and then figure out what furniture & accessories to buy according to the quiz results!  It is really simple and fast…  All you have to do is go through some pictures of rooms and click on whether you Hate it, Like it, Love it, etc.  Then *poof!*,  the website will let you know what your decorating style is based on what you like the most.

I found out about the quiz thanks to the This Young House blog I love to read so much! Sproost determined my style(s), spot on! Here are my results:


Vintage Modern & French Eclectic are perfect  for me – Wow!  This will help me get ideas to redecorate the house.  It’s your turn, take the quiz… what’s your style?

*This also explains what I have already done with the house 🙂


2 thoughts on “What’s Your Personal Decorating Style?

  1. hi Melanie,

    Melissa from Sproost here – thanks so much for posting your results! We’re glad we got your style correct. I hadn’t seen your blog before, but I’ll be checking it out now!

    If you want to follow us on Twitter, we’ll announce new features for Sproost. More importantly, I’ll post some great pieces that I think Sproosters will like!


    Thanks again!
    – Melissa

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