Decorating Magazine Suggestions


Apparently one of the best decorating magazines around will no longer be published as of March: Domino Magazine.  I have heard so much about this magazine and now I will not even have a chance to read it!  I am so bummed out…  but I am going to search for other decorating magazines that might be comparable to Domino. Even though I have never even read a copy of Domino, I can do some research to figure out what to look for or just make suggestions of magazines that feature decorating.

Here are some magazines to choose from:

1. House Beautiful
2. Better Homes and Gardens (I had a subscription…)
3. Martha Stewart Living
4. Country Living (I had a subscription too; I am leaning towards modern mixed with antiques now)
5. Traditional Home

Man, this is tough! With some popular decorating magazines already out of print, it sure doesn’t leave much to choose from. I am already familiar with 2 of the choices on the list, but Traditional Home looks to be the next best choice for me.  From the looks of it, the magazine features modern mixed with antiques, traditional meshed with contemporary, high-end molded with quirky… you get it!

There you have it, I think I have something new to read, but do you?  Where do we go from here without Domino?  If you have any other suggestions, please let me (us) know…  I am anxious to hear about other options!


6. Real Simple (How could I forget this one?)


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