Your Table is Ready Sir

Well, we did it – we took the plunge and bought a new 5-piece dinette set today.  Merry late Christmas to us!  We had been looking everywhere online for a counter height/pub table with chairs.  Something black, heavy duty, & contemporary.  Jon found the website of a local discount furniture store called Discount Furniture Muebleria Alex on Lamar. It was voted Best of Austin a few years back in The Austin Chronicle, so that was a good sign!

We went to another store down the way at first thinking it was “The Furniture Dude”, but it wasn’t.  We almost walked out of there with some other table, but luckily we thought about it and drove around some more.  Then we found the right store and made our purchase.

Cappuccino finish - Pub Table & Chairs

Cappuccino finish - Pub Table & Chairs

In the picture, the set looks reddish-brown, but in person it is almost black.  The seat cushions are covered in a cream colored suede.  Gag-a-mag (translation = YUCK) is what we say!!!  So we plan to reupholster the chair cushions with a more mod fabric.  I am not sure of what kind yet, but I had some ideas.  Definitely modern and in the black, white, light yellow & red color scheme.  Maybe a little bit of gray too?

I scanned the Amy Butler page and some other fun sites for fabric, but found nothing that meets my requirements.  If you know of any neat fabric websites, please share! Here is what I am leaning towards in regards to style:

IKEA - FIALENA fabrics

IKEA - FIALENA fabrics

IKEA - GUNVOR fabrics

IKEA - GUNVOR fabrics

These are a little too bold, but graphic and contrast-y.  I like that – just maybe something more dainty or that has yellow in it…  We will see!  When we figure this all out and finish up the project, I will post pictures.


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