Light Up Your Life

Oh my – I can’t believe my eyes!  I was just browsing one of my favorite blogs Making it Lovely, and noticed a cool rug on one of Nicole Balch’s MIY mood boards  (check her site out – how inspiring).  It was from Urban Outfitters… Ding! I forgot all about Anthropologie’s sister store.

So as I was browsing through the furniture on Urban Outfitters’ site, I went to the lighting section and found some awesome fixtures and a lamp! I have never seen anything like this before. Modern, cheap, and different! I could totally see the black one up in the house. I just hope Jon likes it too!

This is the one I could see in the breakfast nook

3D Chandelier in black

3D Chandelier in black

Another MDF one I like, but have no where to put it

Thru the Trees Chandelier in white

Thru the Trees Chandelier in white

Not sure where this would go either, but check it out!

Tear Drop Chandelier

Tear Drop Chandelier

Love this and have for a while!  This style is in, but where would it go?  I have several antique lamps I want to keep…

Resin Ball Lampbase

Resin Ball Lampbase

What do you think of them?


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