And So It Begins…

The past couple of weekends, my boyfriend Jon, has been installing the wood floors.  So that is slowly coming together.  What is not at a turtle’s pace?  My brain and it’s ever changing decorating ideas for the house.  As soon as Jon brought the flooring home, I was already churning out thoughts of getting rid of this and buying that for the house.  All this dark wood and dark furniture is making me feel like I live in a cave.  The white walls have already been repainted white to brighten up the rooms and now I am making a list in my head of what furniture can stay or go to update them as well.  While I am checking this list, I am researching new furniture, etc. online.

Jon is on board with getting rid of some my furniture, so that is a good thing.  Guys normally don’t understand why we women want to redecorate all the time.  In our situation, he is perfectly content with the way things are.  But for me, it is different.  You take a creative, quirky gal like myself and you have someone who is always changing up her style.

My style before was anything that was rustic, worn, or antique.  But now I also love modern and contemporary stuff.  I still adore antiques and will continue to collect them, but now I am trying to integrate them with more modern pieces. I guess we will have to see how this works out…  it will be an experience for me; marrying the two different styles together.

To start off – I am interested in adding more white to our bedroom.  I have tan walls and dark furniture.  My bedding is white and beige.  The bedroom is a blank canvas and I want to mod it up a bit.  Here are a few things on my wish list:

My side of the bed (all of my bedroom furniture matches & I would need to get rid of the current side table)

IKEA's HEMNES Bedside table in white

IKEA's HEMNES Bedside table in white

On Jon’s side of the bed (he needs extra storage for his books)

IKEA's HEMNES Bedside table in white - different one

IKEA's HEMNES Bedside table in white

Also, I want a different side table in the living room (wanted a sleeker table with storage)

west elm's step side table in chocolate

west elm's step side table in chocolate

Yes there are a lot of “wants” when I “need” to finish up paying on the floors, etc.  & I also need to go over these ideas with Jon. All in all, this may take some time (or an income tax return check.)  Thus, my redecorating journey begins…


3 thoughts on “And So It Begins…

  1. It’s all so exciting, isn’t it?! I wish for you to have all that you want to make your home a perfect piece of paradise 🙂 Sometimes a fresh new look gives our lives fresh new perspective. So best of luck, friend!! 🙂

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